Subscription Boxes For Mamas Exist

Hi Mamas! I have to share my excitement with you! Did you know there are subscription boxes for pregnant and new Mamas?? Seriously, how did I not know this before?! I LOVE subscription boxes. There is something so exciting about getting a package, opening it to find beautiful new products and then enjoying some time for self-care!

I used to subscribe to two beauty boxes. Receiving makeup samples and products was so exciting, but since I became a mom, things have changed. I now have “good” sweatpants (the ones I deem respectable enough to wear out in public) and my practice of self-care has seriously lapsed. I consider it a win if I manage to shower these days and trialling different make up looks is low on the priority list. Cancelling my beauty subscriptions made sense but I have missed the excitement of receiving a package in the mail and discovering new products.

Subscription Boxes For Pregnant and New Moms Can Easily Be Ordered Online

When I found out about this Holy Grail of subscription boxes I did a lot of research. I narrowed it down to 2 companies that I absolutely fell in love with and want to share with you. Pimpernel & Plum and Oh Mother Care Kits. Both companies are run by strong, beautiful women that also happen to be new Mamas. This is evident in the thoughtfulness and care used to pick out every item in their boxes. It takes a Mama to know a Mama and these boxes speak right to this Mama’s heart. I know you will love them too!

Pimpernel & Plum and Oh Mother Care Kits are also both Canadian companies. This was important to me because I like to support local/Canadian businesses whenever I can. I also love that they curate their products from Canadian suppliers. This is huge because it means if you LOVE a product you will actually be able to find it again. And, of course, NO International Shipping Fees!!!

Making Some Time For Self-Care

These boxes also focus on the Mama. It is so easy to forget about the Mama in the excitement of a new baby. But if there is ever a time a woman needs some extra pampering it is during pregnancy and as a new mom. These boxes remind us that not only are we worthy of self-care but we need it. I am a much better mom when I have the opportunity to take a minute for myself. Those little acts of self-care, whether it is going for a run, enjoying a cup of tea or having a hot bath, rejuvenate us!

Whether you are pregnant, a new mom or looking for the perfect gift for a special person in your life, these boxes are for you! I love that these boxes not only promote self-care but they deliver it, right to your front door! What Mama wouldn’t appreciate that! Ready to see what’s inside the boxes?

Pimpernel & Plum

What first drew me to this company is that their boxes are absolutely beautiful. The company is run by 2 sisters, Tiffany and Tara. They started their company hoping to provide new parents with “some help and pampering to make it through the difficult postpartum period”. These ladies have fabulous taste and I love the functionality and aesthetic of their boxes.

They offer one-time gift boxes or the option of subscription for month to month, 3 months or 6 months. The subscription boxes are tailored for Mama and Baby based on due date and gender (if known) and can start at any point in your pregnancy or beyond.

Each box contains 4-6 items that are carefully selected just for you.

Pimpernel & Plum Mama and Baby Box

The Mama & Baby Box I received contained:

  • Nature’s Face and Body Healing Soak Bath Salts
  • DiversiTea Wellness Tea
  • Alicja Postcard Chocolate Bar (Salted Toffee Milk Chocolate)
  • Silicone and Natural Wood Teething Necklace

All of the items were so gorgeous I almost felt bad using them. Except the chocolate bar. I tried one bite and then literally inhaled it. It was the most delicious chocolate bar I have ever had. The healing soak smelled lovely and was the perfect excuse for a long luxurious soak in the tub with a cup of the DiversiTea. The silicone and wooden teether is adorable and was a huge hit with my babe.

Enjoying the Mama & Baby Box by Pimpernel & Plum

I didn’t expect to love every item in the box but I genuinely did. They have so many options on their site to create different boxes, and they are not limited to mom and baby boxes. Want one for yourself or as a gift? Check out Pimpernel & Plum, you will not be disappointed!

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Oh Mother Care Kits

Oh Mother Care Kits is a “gift box business that curates thoughtful care packages for every stage of motherhood”. Every item that is included in Oh Mother Care Kits is hand-selected by the owner Nicole. You can tell that she has taken great care and consideration in choosing each and every item and no detail has been overlooked. All of the items are natural and non-toxic, which is SO important when you are pregnant or a new mama.

Nicole describes Oh Mother Care Kits as “a labour of love, from one mother to another…knowing moms deserve so much more care and attention than they normally give themselves.”

These gorgeous boxes can be given as a one-time gift or as a quarterly subscription. I took a peek at The Soon-To-Be-Momma Kit and The New Momma Kit. I would have loved to receive either of these boxes as a pregnant or new mama!


The Soon-To-Be-Momma Care Kit


The Soon-To-Be-Momma Box by Oh Mother Care Kits

This box made me wish I was pregnant again. Every item has such beautiful packaging and would be so useful to a pregnant Mama.

The Soon-To-Be-Momma kit includes:

  • Om Organics Belly Oil
  • A Set Of Birth Affirmation Cards
  • BueTeaful Organic Nourishment Tea
  • Made With Local Real Food Bar
  • Recipe Card From “Oh She Glows”
  • The Willow’s Bark White Grapefruit Lipbalm
  • NB Naturals Mother’s Blend Pre/PostNatal Bath Soak
  • Anointment Natural Skin Care Push Perineum/Bottom Balm

I would definitely suggest that these items make it into your hospital bag: The Real Food Bar, The Push Bottom Balm, The LipBalm and The Birth Affirmation Cards. The Affirmation Cards are SO great! There contain sayings and affirmations to use for pregnancy and labor. My favorites are “My baby will fit” and “I am prepared for whatever birth my body or my baby needs”.

Hospital Bag Packed With Items From Oh Mother Care Kits

The Nourishment Tea contains iron, calcium and vitamins to help support a pregnant Mama’s nutritional needs and the Bath Soak smells divine. This box seriously has me contemplating Baby number 3, LOL!


The New Momma Care Kit

It is apparent that this box has been selected with the new Mama in mind. Each item promotes healing and nourishment, both of which are so necessary after you bring a new little human into the world.

The New Momma Care Kit by Oh Mother Care Kits

The New Mama Care Kit contains:

  • Mama’s Milk Tea
  • Lavami New Mom Bath Soak
  • Om Organics Dry Shampoo
  • The Willow’s Bark Lavender & Honey Facewash
  • Postpartum Bath Herbs
  • Blissful Mama All Natural Room and Body Spray
  • Anointment Nipple Butter
  • Recipe Card for New Mama Glow Bars
  • Made With Local Real Food Bar
  • Chore/Acts of Kindness Card For Family and Friends
  • Shhh…Baby is Asleep. Momma is Resting Please Do Not Knock Door Hanger

I would have used every one of these products postpartum and well after. The Nipple Butter and The Blissful Mama Spray have already found their way onto my nightstand. The Blissful Mama spray is supposed to help elevate mood of the postpartum mother and the scent is so uplifting and not overwhelming.

The Uplifting Spray and Nipple Butter From Oh Mother Care Kits

I love the clean, simple packaging of the New Mom Bath Soak, The Lavender and Honey Facewash and The Dry Shampoo (what new mom doesn’t need dry shampoo?!). They are not only safe, natural and wonderful products but they make your bathroom look great too!

The New Momma Box by Oh Mother Care Kits

The details included in the Oh Mother Care Kits are fabulous. The Acts of Kindness Card and the Shhh… Door Hanger are perfection, but not something you would think of as a first-time mom. I only wish I had this door hanger earlier, many naps and some of this Mama’s sanity may have been preserved!

Shhh…Baby Sleeping Sign from Oh Mother Care Kits New Momma Box

When I had my first baby, I focussed so much on labor that I didn’t anticipate what my needs might be after my baby arrived. Nicole has thought of everything to support Mamas and the Mamas to be. She has created kits that will not only support the new Mama but uplift her in this important stage of life. Want to gift a kit or start a subscription for yourself? Check out Oh Mother Care Kits and start the self-care!

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I hope you love these boxes, their products and the amazing women that run these companies as much as I do! We all need a little encouragement to practice more self-care and these boxes are just the inspiration needed!

As always if you have any questions or need support in anyway, contact me, I would love to help you!

Take Care Mamas!


Robin Forslund, RN, Lactation Counselor